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Who we Are

  • Amazing Women was Founded by Dianne Morgan in October of 2006; and has grown from 7 original members to just over 150 members to date.
  • Our members are like-minded philanthropic individuals who all support our community in numerous ways, beautiful ladies who truly understand the meaning of giving asking nothing in return, they find joy in caring and know how to share as he do so without reservations. You will find these women helping at charity after charity as they give of their time unconditionally in support of our community.
  • We embrace and support each other regardless of age, race, religion or social standing.
  • We believe in equality for all and that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of race, religion, gender, or social standing.
  • We meet once a month.
  • We support children and children’s charities.
  • We expect to make an impact on the community by continuing to create an opportunity where like minded philanthropic folks can meet and relax, replenish and rejuvenate their beautiful souls.


Founding Members

S. Dianne Morgan
S. Dianne Morgan Founder

Dianne believes that we are all connected in this universe; that life is a journey measured only by the lives you have positively touched. We should all strive to help our friends in need, helping others is a sure way to make our lives richer and our world better.

“I believe in dreams come true”; says Dianne “everything happens for a reason, we are guided only by ourselves and our passions, we choose and we create our own destinies; life gives us all that we ask of it.

Passionate about life; Dianne has been helping charities since the age of 16, when she volunteered with homeless children. Today she is involved in various charities across Peel Region and you can often see Dianne’s beautiful face appearing on or hosting local TV.

After 7 years in Bermuda, Dianne returned to Mississauga in 2002, with the man who 11 years ago swept her off her feet “The love of her life, her very own Knight in Shining Armour” Peter; and their beautiful 6 year old daughter OceanLili.

Fortunate to have the most amazing kind and generous Parents; Basdeo & Lilly, 7 beautiful siblings; June, Anna, Heidy, Sara, Esther, Buddy & Mickey, her best friends Thor & Donna and a cast of countless friends & family who have all helped her become the “passion” she is today

“Laughter, Light and love” will come, when you truly believe.”

“Believe in your Dreams; they are the truest and purest parts of you, to stop dreaming is to stop hoping, my dreams have always come true and yours will too.”

Amy Tjen
Amy Tjen

Realizing A Dream - Capturing the Beauty of Life

Amy is a professional photographer with compassion. She is not only using her professional skill through the camera to earn a living but actually lives her life with beauty, love and kindness of a human being. She uses her camera to realize her dream come true.

Amy worked hard to build a successful business and most importantly her reputation as a renowned photographer in the Mississauga and Toronto Chinese community.

Amy, a woman who loves simple life owning a list of titles: Owner and President, Photo Depot, Senior Director of Mississauga Board of Chinese Professionals and Business Association (CPB) ; Director of Chinese Alliance for New Commer to Canada. She is also the Exclusive Reporter, Chinese Canadian Times.

Amy showed her cheerful and optimistic character as well as her artistic sense of beauty since she was a little girl performing with the Children's Artistic Group in China. She channels her childhood dream through photography. Amy uses her camera and heart to capturing the special moments of people's lives and translates them into a lively picture: be it a memorable personal event; a joyful wedding ; a birthday or a corporate function. Her talent of capturing the beautiful moments of a person has made her one of the most admired photographers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Amy believes in giving back to the community. She expresses her love through the camera and shows her compassion by volunteering for charitable events in the city: The Royal Ontario Museum, World Vision Canada, United Way of Canada, Interim Place, Women of Courage, Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, and the list goes on.

Amy was honored as an official photographer during the official visit of the Premier of China Honorable Wen Jiabao in December 2003 and the official visit of the President of China Honourable Hu Jingtao to Canada in September 2005.

Amy is a cheerful and lovely person, a true friend, and a dedicated volunteer in our community.

Janet Auty-Carlise
Janet Auty-Carlise

At age 48 Janet had a lot of "what's next" questions that were difficult to answer. She had spent the last year weaning herself off the very powerful drugs she had been taking for, what ultimately became, a misdiagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. Janet was volunteering at the local women's shelter and it was there that she uncovered her heart work. "Providing support to women who have been abused is what I am here to do" Janet's path, while working with her own coach, led her from being stuck as a survivor of sexual abuse to moving beyond the "stuckness" of "I don't know" and moving forward. Living la vida Fearless Coaching Services, first launched in March 2006, offers women the same chances Janet had. Living a life of integrity, finding your heart truth, being present in every moment...that's what working with a coach like Jan (her friends call her Mama Earth) will do. "Feel the fear and do it anyway" (Dr. Susan Jeffers) is a favourite quote of Janet's. "Everybody wants happiness, truth and joy in their lives. Many don't feel they deserve it. That's a belief not a truth," says Janet. Living la Vida Fearless: uncover your true self.

Irina Benoit
Irina Benoit Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Irina believes that there is nothing more magical, more efficient, more powerful than the subconscious mind. 20 years ago Irina was given a 3 month life sentence when she was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. With a new baby and a life sentence in hand; Irina decided that she would fight with everything she had and so begin the discovery of the power within her own self.

Today Irina wants to share that power and help you as she has done with so many others, help you access, harness and use your own power and magic, unlock the power within. She can help you bringing joy and peace into your and the life of others in your world.

Irina is a guide, a healer and a believer, it is her most sincere desire to help you grow, to help you overcome any obstacles you may have in your life. “We have the power to change our lives” Irina can help you uncover and discover your endless potential.

“I love helping my client as they overcome stress, anxiety, phobias, fears, depression, sleep deprivation, self esteem issues, smoking, let go of weight, it brings joy to my heart when I know that I helped someone increase their learning ability or professional and athletic skills”

An avid volunteer in our community she truly believes in giving back to the community that she loves and believes in.

Irina Benoit: Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy; Member of Ontario Association of Hypnotherapists; Past Life Regression Therapist Biotechnologist Engineer; Reiki Master Teacher Tai Chi Chi Kung Instructor; Certified Reconnective™ Practitioner; Classically Trained Ballet Dancer (15 years) - Bolshoy Theatre - Russia

Other Founding Members

  • Ellen Timms
  • Gabby Banks
  • Pat Hammill
  • Linda Bouji

Honorary Members

  • Mayor McCallion

In Memory of

  • Balmakhie Bhual
  • Kathy Drury
  • Sue Ryan


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